AGM Nov 2016
Author Joanne Rodgers
Monday, Nov 7, 2016
AGM Nov 2016
The Bruce Peninsula Environment Group (BPEG) was very active in 2016.

Monthly Meetings, dealing with topics from wind development in February, Eat Local Grey Bruce initiative in May, neonics in July, nuclear energy in August and September, drew strong attendance. In October, BPEG’s community visioning session was attended by over 150 persons from Municipal council, Parks Canada staff, tourism /service industry operators and concerned community members, all coming together to brainstorm ideas to create a more positive experience for the summer influx of visitors and residents.

Other major activities included: continuation of the Shoreline Naturalization & Geese Management at the Lion’s Head beach; successful garage sale in the summer, a major fund raising event for the group; BPEG website being revamped and now offering online membership renewal; installation of water refill stations in Lion’s Head and Tobermory; roadside clean-up on the Ferndale Road with grade 7/8 and secondary students from Bruce Peninsula District School (BPDS); and continuing to support student and environmental projects at BPDS.

A huge thank you to the countless volunteers who relentlessly contributed their time and energy to the many activities of BPEG.

Jim Kuellmer, Past Chair stated that after 27 years, BPEG is still going strong and there was no shortage of environmental issues to discuss.

Megan Myles starts her second term as Chair, she enjoyed both observing and engaging in BPEG as it has grown and evolved over the last number of years, and most intimately, in her capacity as chair over the past year. She continues to bring lots of energy and focus to this role. Also continuing on as board members are Rod Layman as Vice Chair, George Plhak in charge of Membership and the website and Joanne Rodgers as Media Coordinator.

BPEG welcomes Susan King as Secretary, Esme Batten as Treasurer and 4 new Members at Large: Paisley Cozzarin, Trevor Anderson, Isla Carmicheal and John Baker.

The outgoing board members were recognized for their commitment and dedication: Sally Pierce, Irene Grainger and Jim Kuellmer.

Megan offered an update on the Sustainable Tourism initiative, stating that the ideas from the October meeting were compiled and presented to the Economic Development Committee, Municipality of North Bruce. Another meeting will be planned to develop an action plan. Stay tuned for further updates. If you would like to receive updates about this initiative, email

As usual, a sumptuous potluck dinner preceded the meeting and entertainment was provided by Jenelle Helleyer.
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