2013 Road Mortality Project
Thursday, Jun 13, 2013
2013 Road Mortality Project
Tricia Stinnesen is working to locate “hotspots” on the Bruce for reptiles and amphibians (especially turtles and snakes). Below is the brief description of the project and Tricia’s contact information.

Tricia Stinnissen, a Trent University Graduate student, is doing a road mortality project  on the Northern Bruce Peninsula again this summer (2013). This project is in collaboration with the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Tricia's aim is to locate road mortality hotspots: locations where reptile and amphibians are frequently found on the road -- in order to mitigate these areas and reduce the threats that roads pose to the decimation of populations of species-at-risk here on the Bruce.

This summer Tricia will be monitoring roads to and around Dorcas Bay, Johnston's Harbour, Cape Hurd, the Parks, and Hwy 6 between Cypress Lake and Tobermory on a regular basis. However, she is not able to monitor roads south of the Park, and is hoping that BPEG members will assist her in identifying other area road crossing “hotspots”.

If you frequently witness turtle and snake crossings (dead or alive) on any road, Tricia is asking that you contact her at or (519) 993-8465 and report any reptile and amphibian observations on roads. All that is needed to report a sighting is the date, time, species and location (address or GPS co-ordinates). Http:// is a handy website to get the co-ordinates of a location. Pictures are strongly encouraged.