Bruce Peninsula Transit Comapny
Author Jan Mackie
Thursday, Oct 19, 2017
Bruce Peninsula Transit Comapny

Wow!! What a great concept! Much needed public transit that connects Tobermory, Lion’s Head & Wiarton folk to each other and Owen Sound.

On Wed. Sept. 6, Jeff Leonard spoke to the Environment Group to inform us about the ideas and challenges of the bus company that he and his partner Carolynn Wright (she was unable to attend) are building and to gather input from the community.


They began their business providing student transportation for the Chippewas of Nawash Board of Education. It was not possible to take on other student transport as there is already a bus company that has the contracts with the Blue Water Board.

In order to expand they looked at other venues. Seeing as tourist traffic has become an issue in the summer, they had imagined just taking folks from the area to the Park hoping to help reduce the number of cars going up the highway but ran across some impediments with this idea. They found that more local residents were using the bus than they had anticipated.


So now they are working toward a regular bus service that would get people up & down the peninsula on a regular basis. This service would allow folks to leave their vehicles at a drop-off/pick-up point and get to Wiarton or Owen Sound for appointments, shopping, etc. This would be a valuable and much needed service. It was suggested by a member of the group present, that to start, the service could run once per week, however Jeff expressed the idea that he’d like to have it three times per week. This would allow people more options and would be beneficial to the steady running of the business. In winter the service would likely run once per week until more folks make use of the service or the demand requires more.


They have acquired all of the necessary permits and insurance. These measures answered the concerns that municipalities might have.


Now they are working on getting the word out and establishing schedules and fares. They would appreciate ideas from potential users. This can be done by emailing them at or calling at 519.378.3461.

To view the schedules that are currently running go to the website (type “schedule” into the search option)


While service up & down the peninsula is what would be good for those of us who read the PRESS, Jeff & Carolynn are working on plans to put all eight of their busses into service. They currently are running a regular service between Cape Croker and Owen Sound and have doubled their ridership each year for four years.


There were many questions and suggestions from the group, the main question being, “How can we support this endeavor?”

Like a number of organizations such as Grey County Support Services, Community Living and the YMCA who have purchased monthly passes for their clients, individuals can also purchase such passes for $75 per month.

The business will also be supported through advertising, such as what one would see on city buses.


So, if you have questions, suggestions or wish to support this endeavor contact Jeff and Carolynn via email, phone or through the website.


Let’s hope that the community can rally behind this much needed service.


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